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As with any online program, there are situations that may occur that may be application related or user system related. In an effort to address the more common situations that can occur, we provide the following Frequently Asked Questions for your reference.
If your technical questions have not been addressed with the FAQs, please contact Customer_Services, or 1-732-493-4140.

Question:  How do I view online course materials?
Answer:   To view program materials online you may either select the Adobe "PDF" format or the "Interactive" format. The PDF format requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in software loaded in your system. "interactive" format links require that you have the Adobe Flsh player Plugin installed.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player' Plugin softwares are FREE downloads from Adobe Software

Question:  What are Professional Development Hours and how to they compare to CEUs?
Answer:   Most of the courses on WaterWorldCE are good for one or two hours of continuing education “contact time.” Rules for license renewal vary by state. Many states require water and wastewater system operators to receive a certain number of hours of continuing education credit to renew their licenses. In that case, a one hour course from WaterWorldCE would represent one hour of continuing education credit. Other states require a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEU). A CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. In that case, it would take 10 WaterWorldCE courses to represent one CEU.

Question:  How do I complete an online exam?
Answer:   You must first select the course(s) you wish to complete from the "Courses Available" listing. Upon selecting your course(s), they will be added to your "Selection Cart" you must then complete the selection routine. Once the selection routine is completed, the courses will immediately be added to your "User History" page where a "Take Exam" link will be provided directly across from each course title selected. Courses may be completed immediately or you may return in the future and return to your "User History" page and select the "Take Exam" link.

Question:  Can I view my online course results?
Answer:   Yes, each completed examination returns an immediate grade report detailing correct and incorrect answers. A "View Report" link is provided from within the "User History" section for each completed course.

Question:  What happens if I fail an online exam?
Answer:   The take examination link you selected to complete the initial exam will have changed to "Purchase Exam", Select the link and resubmit the course from the Selection Cart (you will not be charged). Return to the "User History" page, the program will be added again and a new exam link will be provided. Select the "Take Exam" link to complete the exam again.

Question:  Are WaterWorldCE courses accepted or approved by my state?
Answer:   WaterWorldCE courses are not approved or endorsed by the individual states. Upon successful completion of a course and associated test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. The certificate includes the name of the course, the instructor’s name, the number of contact hours and date of completion. The certificate also includes a unique identifying number that can be used to verify the certificate’s authenticity. Engineers and operators can use the certificate to document their training.

Question:  If I competed an online program how do I view or print my "Certificate of Completion"?
Answer:   Online programs are graded immediately and upon receiving a passing grade (70% or higher) you are provided with an online "Certificate of Completion" which may be viewed and/or printed by selecting the "Certificate" link located across from the course title that has been successfully completed from within the "User History" page.